Amateur and Professional Astronomers Discovering

Gravitational Wave Sources Together


HotShots is a unique collaboration. Amateur astronomers discover the source of a new gravitational wave event. Professional astronomers follow it up.



Gravitational waves arise from the collision of black holes,

neutron stars, and more. 


At the time of detection, scientists don't know where in space the waves originate.  

The first few minutes are critical. The quicker the source is found, the better.


Professional astronomers need help locating the source, a brightening

star in a nearby galaxy.

You can help. You may discover the source! If so, you will get credit

in the scientific literature.


Sign up here. We'll ask you a few questions about what your 

telescope can do.

When waves are detected, we'll ask you to image a galaxy

 that might host the source. 

If you see the source, hit the eureka button.


That's it.



Full Name


Telescope GPS Latitude [decimal deg]

Telescope Diameter [cm]

Telescope GPS Longitude [decimal deg]

Field of View [deg x deg]

Camera Model

Exposure Time for Mag=19 Star, No/Clear Filter [sec]

How You Observe


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